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- Brain Size May Determine Whether You Are Good at Keeping Friends
- Replacing Electricity With Light: First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit Created
- Oil from Deepwater Horizon Disaster Entered Food Chain in the Gulf of Mexico
- Depression: An Evolutionary Byproduct of Immune System?
- Madagascar Dinosaur Bone Is Most Massive Osteoderm Ever Found
- Targeting Bacterial Gas Defenses Allow for Increased Efficacy of Numerous Antibiotics
- 'Lost World' Discovered Around Antarctic Vents
- Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Ancient Lunar Dynamo May Explain Magnetized Moon Rocks
- Evidence of Ancient Lake in California's Eel River Emerges
- Tailored Optical Material from DNA: Light-Modifying Nanoparticles
- Before They Were Stars: New Image Shows Space Nursery
- Quantum Physics Enables Perfectly Secure Cloud Computing
- Rebuilding the Brain's Circuitry
- Nano Car Has Molecular 4-Wheel Drive: Smallest Electric Car in the World
- Two New Extinct Camel Species Discovered at Panama Canal Excavation
- New 'Smart' Material Could Help Tap Medical Potential of Tissue-Penetrating Light
- Discovery Uses 'Fracture Putty' to Repair Broken Bone in Days
- First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric People in What Is Now Ohio
- Microprocessors from Graphene: Discoveries May Advance Electronic Circuit Technology
- Following Genetic Footprints out of Africa: First Modern Humans Settled in Arabia
- Genetic Survey of Endangered Antarctic Blue Whales Shows Surprising Diversity
- Disappearing and Reappearing Superconductivity Surprises Scientists
- Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
- How the Milky Way Killed Off Nearby Galaxies
- Astronomers Find Three Smallest Planets Outside Solar System
- DNA Motor Programmed to Navigate a Network of Tracks
- 'Dark Plasmons' Transmit Energy
- It Takes Two: Brains Come Wired for Cooperation, Neuroscientists Discover
- Farthest Developing Galaxy Cluster Ever Found
- Design Rules Will Enable Scientists to Use DNA to Build Nanomaterials With Desired Properties
- Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
- Space Weather: Explosions On Venus
- Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics
- T. Rex Has Most Powerful Bite of Any Terrestrial Animal Ever
- New Evidence for the Oldest Oxygen-Breathing Life On Land
- Discovery On How Sugars Are Moved Throughout a Plant
- Electrical Engineers Build 'No-Waste' Laser
- Scientists Produce World's First Magnetic Soap
- Dawn Sees New Surface Features On Giant Asteroid Vesta
- Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur Named
- Astronomers Discover Complex Organic Matter Exists Throughout the Universe
- Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos
- Study Debunks Myths About Gender and Math Performance
- Could Rosemary Scent Boost Brain Performance?
- U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
- Scientists Create First Free-Standing 3-D Cloak
- 'Living' Micro-Robot Could Detect Diseases in Humans
- Tiny, Implantable Medical Device Can Propel Itself Through Bloodstream
- Discovery of Hair-Cell Roots Suggests the Brain Modulates Sound Sensitivity
- You Can't Do the Math Without the Words: Amazonian Tribe Lacks Words for Numbers
- Clocking an Accelerating Universe: First Results from BOSS
- Starving Orangutans Might Help to Better Understand Obesity and Eating Disorders in Humans
- Evolution Is Written All Over Your Face
- Fastest Wind from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
- H. Pylori Bacteria Linked to Blood Sugar Control in Adult Type II Diabetes
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Neanderthals and Their Contemporaries Engineered Stone Tools, Anthropologists Discover
- Young Star Rebels Against Its Parent Cloud
- Roots of Hunger and Eating: Plasticity in the Brain's Wiring Controls Feeding Behavior in Mice
- Babies Understand Thought Process of Others at 10 Months Old, Research Suggests
- Running Hot and Cold in the Deep Sea: Scientists Explore Rare Environment
- Researchers Complete Mollusk Evolutionary Tree
- Building Blocks of Early Earth Survived Collision That Created Moon
- Greenland Ice Sheet May Melt Completely With 1.6 Degrees of Global Warming
- Deforestation Causes Cooling in Northern U.S., Canada, Study Finds
- Rare Ultra-Blue Stars Found in Neighboring Galaxy's Hub
- World's Lightest Material Is a Metal 100 Times Lighter Than Styrofoam
- Greenhouse Gas Index Continues to Climb
- Early Evolution of Life: Study of Ribosome Evolution Challenges 'RNA World' Hypothesis
- Autistic Brains Develop More Slowly Than Healthy Brains, Researchers Say
- Robotic Bug Gets Wings, Sheds Light On Evolution of Flight
- Do Plants Perform Best With Family or Strangers? Researchers Consider Social Interactions
- Sensing Self and Non-Self: New Research Into Immune Tolerance
- Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans
- Microbiologists Can Now Measure Extremely Slow Life, Deep Ocean Study Shows
- Orientation of Ants: Every Cue Counts
- Hybrid Silkworms Spin Stronger Spider Silk
- Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Increases Climate Threat, Experts Say
- First Spectroscopic Measurement of an Anti-Atom
- Bacteria Communicate by Touch, New Research Suggests
- Leaping Lizards and Dinosaurs Inspire Robot Design
- Cooling Semiconductors by Laser Light
- Patterns of New DNA Letter in Brain Suggest Distinct Function
- Over 65 Million Years, North American Mammal Evolution Has Tracked With Climate Change
- Scientists Wrest Partial Control of a Memory
- Astronomers Detect Vast Amounts of Gas and Dust Around Black Hole in Early Universe
- Meteorite Shockwaves Trigger Dust Avalanches On Mars
- Mom's Love Good for Child's Brain
- White Rice Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Claims
- Corals 'Could Survive a More Acidic Ocean'
- Members of Small Monkey Groups More Likely to Fight for Their Group
- Tropical Sea Temperatures Influence Melting in Antarctica
- New Theory Emerges for Where Some Fish Became Four-Limbed Creatures
- Enzyme Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Weight Gain in Mice
- Stellar Nursery: A Pocket of Star Formation
- Jumping Droplets Take a Lot of Heat, as Long as It Comes in a Cool Way
- Picky Females Promote Diversity
- How the Zebra Got Its Stripes
- Sharp Images from the Living Mouse Brain
- Hyperactivity in Brain May Explain Multiple Symptoms of Depression
- Icarus Experiment Measures Neutrino Speed: Even Neutrinos Are Not Faster Than Light
- Lab Mimics Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids Inside a Single Atom
- Microbes May Be Engineered to Help Trap Excess Carbon Dioxide Underground
- Chemists Synthesize Artificial Cell Membrane
- Bacteria Tend Leafcutter Ants' Gardens
- Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve
- Gene Affecting the Ability to Sleep Discovered in Fruit Flies
- Sea Change Can Forecast South American Wildfires
- Millions of Americans at Risk of Flooding as Sea Levels Rise
- Study Shows Brain Flexibility, Gives Hope for Natural-Feeling Neuroprosthetics

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